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Discover the Sensual Elixir: Peach-Infused Organic Water-Based Lubricant. 

Indulge in an unparalleled sensory experience with our peach-infused, organic water-based lubricant, expertly crafted to elevate your intimate moments. "Wap" is a potent aphrodisiac and orgasm enhancer, designed to balance pH levels and provide luxurious personal lubrication for both men and women. Formulated to mimic the natural properties of seminal fluid, this exceptional lubricant will transport you to new heights of pleasure.


Main Ingredients: Water, xanthan gum, herbal extracts, and propylene glycol.


Directions: With clean hands, use the applicator to insert 1-3 full droppers inside the vagina or desired area. For optimal results, apply a few minutes before intercourse or play. Enjoy the sensual journey that awaits.


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